Get started with Agado


Get started with Agado

Greetings and welcome to Agado!

We assume it’s your first encounter with our workflow & collaboration platform, and we are very pleased that you found your way here.

Let’s get started.

Choose the right plan for you:

Head to where you'll see an overview of the subscription plans available. Choose the one that suits your needs here and now as you can always change plan later on. (Step 1)

Setting up your workspace:

After you've chosen a proper plan, you'll be asked for login information along with a workspace domain name. Your workspace name can, for instance, be the name of your team. (Step 2)

Creating your first project:

Once you've created your workspace you are navigated to the dashboard.

From the dashboard you have a few options, let's say you want to get started with creating some content. The plus sign in the top menu is a multi-function option from where you can create a project or task and add a client or employee.

Click on the project and the following form appears.

Here you can add basic information about your project, assign a Project Manager, set a potential cost of the project and assign the colleagues who will be working on it.

After you've created your project it will appear under Projects in the left menu and from here you can add tasks, track process and give feedback.

As you can see, it's easy to create a project in Agado!

We hope you liked the content. We will be sure to post more of our discoveries within teamwork, workflow, and productivity. Thank you!

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Emil Mark Glenting

Emil Mark Glenting

Copenhagen, Denmark